Rhett Krawitt

"My name is Rhett and I GIVE A DAMN!"

"Let's make America the Country that Cures Cancer Once and for All!"

Rhett joins Vice President Joe Biden at UCSF for CancerMoonshot Event at UCSF

-February, 2016

Rhett Krawitt with Vice President Joe BidenRhett with Joe Biden

Rhett advocates for Affordable access to Cancer Treatments with Congressman Jared Huffman 

May 8th 2014          

Jared Huffman


Gone with the Cancer…Rhett is in remission

“My name is Rhett. Leukemia is Cancer in my white blood cells.
Cancer cells are the bad guys.
I take Chemo to get the BAD GUYS OUT.
Thank you for helping get all the BAD GUYS OUT!  
For me, someday is today, because I can say gone with the cancer.
My name is Rhett and I GIVE A DAMN!”